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Stump Grinding FAQs

You have questions and we have answers.
Check out some of the most common questions we get about stump grinding.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: In order to quote accurately, it is necessary to see the stump(s) and environment first. What I can say is an average 16” stump is only $30; however, a minimum might apply to the stop.

Q: Can I send you a picture?
A: No. You will be surprised how useless a photo can be.

Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: Yes, but I come to work. I bring my equipment to the location and the cheapest price will be while I’m there the first time.

Q: Can you give me an estimate before I cut the tree down?
A: No. I don’t know the condition of the job in the future. The quote I give is the quote to grind right then and there. Therefore, call me when the tree is down and out of the way.

Q: I’m just looking for estimates right now.
A: I completely understand but if you must get a couple companies involved, I suggest you call my company last because I’ll be cheaper than any of them if I can grind the first time I’m there. Also make sure that each company will go far enough under the surface so that grass can grow properly and that pieces of roots will not protrude up and damage your lawnmower, about six inches below grade

Q: Do you clean up the debris?
A: No. To keep our costs as low as they are, therefore cheaper for you, we do not take any debris away. All I charge for is the use of the machine.

Q: Would it just be cheaper to rent a stump grinding machine?
A: No. There is no size or number of stumps where renting is cheaper than professional services. Not only can I do in an hour what that rental will do in three days, but you need to also figure in the fuel costs, how to hall the rental to and from your home, and any broken items that you WILL break in the process. Also, you will wish you hired me after 20 minutes manhandling that rental.

Q: What time will you be here?
A: I have no idea. To keep prices lower than anyone, efficiency is the key. I build a route the night before of all the stops and just hit them one-by-one. I don’t know if the stump of the customers ahead of you has a ten-inch stump or a ten-foot stump.

Q: How will I know when you’ll be here?
A: I will call your provided number when I finish with the customer directly ahead of you with the exact time I will be at your address. This process works with 99% of my customers, and they are happy to work with me for my cheap prices.

Q: It’s 2PM, are you still coming today?
A: Yes. If you were scheduled today, I will be there. I don’t hold to the Florida mentality of “Call me when I’m not fishing”. I take pride in my work and my word. Besides an equipment failure, I will be there. If I do have a major delay, I will call that day to reschedule.

Q: It’s Raining, are you still coming today?
A: Yes. See answer for previous question.

Q: Do you have any discount?
A: Yes. I have 10% off for either military or senior citizens. I also have a discount on a large volume of stumps that could be up to 20%

Q: How quick can you get out to grind?
A: In most cases, within a day or two not including Sunday.

Q: If a 16” stump is only $30, Why is a 32” stump not just twice that?
A: Without going into the math of a circle and the growth patterns of the average tree; a stump that is double the diameter is nearly four times the area and therefore more wood; more work.

Q: How do you measure?
A: I measure from where the stump comes out of the ground from one side to where it goes into the ground on the other side; average.

Q: The stump is a bit tall. Can you still do it?
A: Yes. I bring a chainsaw for this reason, and I can cut trees or stumps that are 12 feet or shorter.

Q: Can you grind roots or palms?
A: I can grand most any organic biomass. This includes things like roots, palm stumps, palmettos, and shrubbery. I suggest you cut all “green” off your palmettos and shrubbery before I get there. Green leaves, sticks, and vines don’t grind, they just wrap around my equipment, and it takes time for me to clean it every five or ten minutes.

Q: Can you just grind the roots of a tree?
A: Yes. But I cannot guarantee the safety of the tree that root is supporting. It could fall or die.

Q: Can you grind close to my home or fence?
A: Yes and No. I must see the job, but my equipment is remote controlled. Therefore, provides finesse and control that you won’t get with other grinders.

Q: I have a 36” gate. Can you get through?
A: Yes, but there is an extra $75 charge to remove the outer tires. A 55” opening is the smallest needed, not incurring this fee.

Q: Why haven’t you started yet?
A: Please sign here. Will that be cash, check, or credit card?